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Printing machines – assembly and disassembly
We know the ins and outs of the construction of machines made by brands such as Müller Martini, Kolbus and Hörauf. Thanks to this we are able to perform professional, safe, accurate and quick disassembly, and then put the machine back together after transporting it to the destination. Machine relocation is a difficult process that requires careful protection of all components and marking the appropriate electrical systems. Unexpected events may occur during the loading process, so it is important that the whole procedure is handled by specialists to keep both the transported machine and the personnel safe.

Safety is essential

machine relocation with MD Mechatronica 
During machine transport, special care must be taken with regard to safety. Due to the complexity of the process it is important to take the human aspect into account – the personnel can not be prone to making errors. Thanks to our professional service, you can count on an efficient and safe machine relocation together with installing them at your destination.