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Printing machine service

we focus on comprehensive care

We strive to provide the highest quality services in the field of mechatronics. We know that the key to successfully meeting our customers’ needs is to combine programming, electronics and mechanics. This makes us able to locate the source of the problem in virtually any situation.
Mechanical systems are the basis of every printing machine. They are often exposed to damage – they have to cope with high loads during operation, and even the slightest fault can cause problems throughout the whole device. We overhaul the mechanical systems, look for the cause of the malfunction and try to advise our customers on what they can do better to reduce depreciation and ensure long-term efficiency of the equipment.

We specialize in the following machines:

  • Diamant (all generations)
  • Ventura (all generations)
  • Collibri
  • Ribbon
  • Vesta
  • Kolbus RF
  • Hoerauf Compact
  • Hoerauf Universal
Three-KNIFE trimmers:
  • Esprit
  • Merit
  • Zenith
  • Orbit
  • Solit
  • Acoro
  • Bolero
  • Corona
  • Pantera

What makes us stand out?

Compared to the competition, what makes us stand out is our comprehensive approach to each order. At MD Mechatronica we do not look at the repair of the equipment entrusted to us from just one perspective. We pay attention to all the important elements of a given machine – electronic components, mechanical parts, and no less relevant software. Those three key aspects are jointly responsible for the smooth functioning of the machine.
Thanks to this approach we can guarantee you a thorough examination of the equipment and discovering of its incorrect operation.